Sample Itinerary: 4 Days in Ojika Island (Kominka Stay)
2022.04.10 / News

Sample Itinerary: 4 Days in Ojika Island (Kominka Stay)

Traveling to a remote island in Japan is such a unique and exciting experience. While there are many beautiful islands to visit, what sets Ojika apart is its kominka renovation project that helped preserve a dozen historical buildings on the island. Visitors have a unique opportunity to rent one of the beautiful kominka making it their island home and the centerpiece of their trip that would look something like this…

Day 1

Arrive in Ojika

Ojika Island Tourism staff will be there to greet you once you get off the ferry. You will be escorted to the tourism office located at the ferry terminal where you can get all the information about Ojika Island: where to go, what to see, and what to do. After the brief orientation, we will drive you to the kominka of your choice for the check-in.

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Kominka Stay

Stay in one of the century-old kominka (traditional Japanese houses) soaking in the nostalgic atmosphere of times gone by while still having all the modern conveniences at your use. Needless to say, time moves slower here, perfect to savor every moment of the island’s tranquil day-to-day life.

Kominka Stay

Sunset Tour

In the evening our staff will pick you up at your kominka and drive you to a remote scenic location where you can see a beautiful sunset. But your first day in Ojika doesn’t end here…

Dinner at Kominka Restaurant Fujimatsu

After watching the sun go down you will be escorted to another beautiful kominka. Fujimatsu is a seafront restaurant located inside the former residence of the Fujimatsu family — whalers and sake brewers who helped build Ojika Island’s economy. Here, you can enjoy a luxurious kaiseki-style dinner course crafter from locally sourced ingredients.

Kominka Restaurant Fujimatsu


Day 2

Make a Zen Garden

The Japanese rock garden, often called the zen garden, was introduced to Japan in the 14th century. Its abstract form was designed to stimulate meditation.

At the Chojuji temple, guests have a unique opportunity to help the priest rake the gravel in the garden creating a Zen landscape. This requires a high level of concentration and is considered to be a meditative experience.

Soak in the Views

Explore our beautiful island uncovering one scenic spot after another. One of the best ways to do this is by bicycle you can find ready-to-use at your kominka (rental fee applies).

Hit the Beach

In warmer seasons you cannot say you’ve been to Ojika without taking a dip in the sea. Find out more about Ojika’s beaches.

Go fishing and make dinner with locals

Catch and cook your own dinner with the help of a local.

In Ojika fishing is an integral part of everyday life where islanders go fishing on a daily basis. Get to experience this side of the island’s lifestyle by joining a local on his quest to catch himself a dinner. Once you have your catch sorted bring it to your kominka where a local ‘okaasan’ will pay you a visit to teach you how to fillet the fish and turn it into Ojika’s traditional dishes.

Fishing & Cooking With Locals

Day 3

Leaving Ojika

Check-out from your kominka at 11:00 and leave Ojika with a ferry or speed boat of your choice.

Our staff can drive you back to the ferry terminal or you can choose to explore the island a bit more in which case we will pick up your luggage from kominka and keep it at the terminal for you.

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