Where to stay?
    Where to stay?
    Find your perfect getaway on Ojika Island with a variety of unique accommodation options.

    Ojika Island
    Find your second home on Ojika Island with our homestay program. It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and community by taking part in daily activities of your host family. Try out fishing and farmning with dad. Then get a full “taste” of island life by feasting on the home-made local dishes that you get to prepare with mom using the day’s harvest and catch. Bond with your hosts over dinner and soon enough it will feel like visiting your grandparents.
    The simple lifestyle and values of Ojika Island’s people are what make this island so attractive. Through our homestay experience, you can become a part of the local community and experience the island life first hand.
    Folk House Rental
    Ojika Island
    The Japanese folk houses, otherwise known as kominka (Japanese: 古民家), are an important cultural asset of Ojika Island. Six houses were renovated into a perfect combination of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern comfort. Stay in one of the 100 years old Japanese folk houses on Ojika Island to experience the times gone by while still having all modern conveniences at your use.
    Guesthouse KOJIROYAMA
    Ojika Island
    This spacious folk house can accommodate up to eight people and is a perfect option for group holidays. The most striking feature of the house is its traditional Japanese earthen floor area, Doma (Japanese: 土間), that has been remodeled into a spacious kitchen and living room space.
    You can rent out Kojiroyama for up to 10 days, and with a consecutive stay discount, as well as rates charged per night, the longer the stay is, and the more people stay, the cheaper it gets.

    Ryokan and B&B
    Ojika Island
    Stay in one of Ojika Island’s homely family-run ryokan (Japanese style inn) or B&B to experience the hospitality and warmth of islanders. A great option for budget and business travelers. Feel free to contact us for help with your booking.

    Nature Village
    Nozaki Island
    This nostalgic wooden school building has been remodeled into a simple yet comfortable lodging. Right in the heart of Nozaki Island’s wilderness, it is a perfect place to unplug and recharge. Conveniently it’s only one minute away from the former Nokubi church as well as Nokubi beach.