• Where can I rest if I arrive early morning with ferry Taiko?

      • There are separate nap rooms for men and women inside the ferry terminal that you can use until 9 AM.
        Ojika Island Tourism office located inside the ferry terminal opens at 6:30 AM.

    • Is there an ATM on the island?

      • There are two ATMs on the island: one inside the bank (open until 6 PM on weekdays) and another inside the post office (open until 5 PM on weekdays and until noon on weekends).

    • Can I use a credit card on Ojika Island?

      • Most of the shops and restaurants on Ojika Island accept credit card payments.

    • Is there a mobile signal on Ojika Island?

      • Yes, there is.

    • Is there internet or WiFi access on Ojika Island?

      • There is free wifi inside the Ojika Island’s ferry terminal and Nozaki Island’s Nature Village and Visitor Center. Some shops on Ojika Island have free wifi.

    • Is fishing allowed on Ojika Island?

      • Yes. Fishing is allowed everywhere on the island. The best place for fishing is around the ferry terminal. On the way to the ferry terminal as well as next to the building, you can usually see locals fishing. Feel free to join them.

        Contact Ojika Island Tourism in case you wish to rent fishing equipment.
        EMAIL yoyaku@ojikajima.jp TEL 0959-56-2646 (9:00~18:00)

    • Is there a hospital on Ojika Island?

      • Yes, there is a local medical center that offers basic medical treatment options.

        TEL 0959-56-4111

    • Is there a pharmacy on Ojika Island?

      • Yes, there is. OJIKA PHARMACY is located in the Fuefuki area on Ojika Island.
        ※Visit Ojika Island Tourism for map and directions.

    • How to get around Ojika Island?

      • ・Bicycle Rental

        Ojika Island is ideal for cycling, with scenic cycle paths and very little traffic.
        Grab a bicycle and explore Ojika Island while enjoying the sea breeze.

        Location: Ferry Terminal, Ojika Island Tourism Office
        Hours: 6:30~18:00
        Fee: Regular Bicycle: 6 hours 500 yen
        6+ hours 1000 yen
        Electric Bicycle: 6 hours 1000 yen

        ・Car Rental

        Japanese and international driving license holders can rent a car to explore Ojika Island at their own pace in any weather condition.
        Contact Ojika Island Tourism via yoyaku@ojikajima.jp or 0959-56-2646 to make a reservation.

        Fee: approx. 5,000 yen per day
        approx. 3,000 yen for half a day

        ・Welfare Taxi Service

        There is a taxi service is operated by the Social Welfare Council of Ojika town. The call center staff as well as drivers have limited English skills and in case you do not speak Japanese we recommend arranging a taxi through Ojika Island Tourism.

        Phone: 0959-56-4193
        ※You can make a reservation via Ojika Island Tourism at 0959-56-2646.
        Hours: 9:00-17:00 (reservations 8:30~)
        ※Not operating on 12/31~1/2.

        Fee: Adult 300 YEN
        Elementary/Junior Highschool Students 150 YEN
        Toddlers FREE

        ※The above fares are applied per person for up to 5km one way. In case the distance exceeds 5km, an extra 100 yen will be applied for every extra kilometer. Reservation needs to be made at least 1h in advance.
        ※Cash only.

        ・Local Bus Service

        Ojika town operates a bus service. However, the number of buses is limited and the bus stop names are all in Japanese. As such, visitors, especially foreign visitors, might find it tricky to travel around the island using the bus service.