Apr 25, 2022
Escape the crowds of sakura lovers

Summer is approaching and harsh North winds gave way to a gentle warm breeze. For those of you visiting Ojika in summer, you are in for a treat!

When talking about the beautiful beaches in Japan, most of us may think of Okinawa. In Ojika, however, we often hear visitors praising the beauty of our secluded beaches that don’t lose to that of Okinawa. With crystal clear, gentle waters, warm sand under your feet, and an absence of beachgoers Ojika’s beach retreat is a real treat.

 1. Kakinohama Beach

Kakinohama beach in summer is nothing short of paradise. The breathtaking sea of the most beautiful turquoise and emerald shades will make you want to stay here forever. The beach is equipped with showers (cold water only) and toilets. There is also a shaded area where you can take a break from the hot summer sun.

In July, August, and September you can enjoy marine activities like SUP, sea kayaking, banana boat, towing tube, and more.

Snorkeling is also a lot of fun here! If you swim towards the rocks on the far left side of the beach, you will find corals inhabited by colorful fish.

In summer, on weekends the beach gets lively with local families. On weekdays, however, you can have the beach mostly to yourself.

Page link: https://ojikajima.jp/en/travel/see/11669.html
Distance: 15 minute cycle

2. Shirahama Beach

Ojika’s very own SDGs Beach! For a while, this beach was covered in so much marine debris that locals didn’t swim here anymore. Then, in spring 2021 one man decided to ‘revive’ the beach and spent the whole spring cleaning it up every morning before work. Many were touched by the man’s determination and joined in his morning beach clean-up. In July, for the first time in a while, the beach welcomed its first beachgoers, quickly becoming one of the most popular beaches in Ojika Island.

Shirahama raised awareness about the sea pollution problem among locals. New trash keeps getting washed ashore every day, but now, islanders schedule monthly beach clean-ups to preserve the beauty of Ojika’s beaches. Here, at Ojika Island Tourism, we also love Ojika’s sea and nature dearly, and to help out with a newly established SDGs movement in Ojika we have released a beach cleanup kit.

At the beach, you will find a shaded space that is decorated with colorful art made from sea debris. Here you can even find swings, one of which was washed ashore and then put to use again. Please note that there are no toilets at Shirahama. There is a shower room with running water. However, Shirahama is not a public beach officially, and all the facilities are managed by local volunteers (mainly by the man who started the beach clean-up movement).

Page link: https://ojikajima.jp/en/travel/see/15753.html
Distance: 15 minute cycle

3. Goryo Cliff

Goryo cliff is thought to be the remains of a former volcano crater. At the bottom of the cliff, you will find a white-sand beach and the whole place is absolutely breathtaking.

To reach the beach you will have to descend some rocks. This won’t be a problem for adults (as long as you watch your step) but might be difficult for children. Also, please note that there are no toilets or showers at the Goryo cliff. The nearest facilities are at the Kakinohama beach which is a 10 minute walk from the cliff.

IMPORTANT①: Goryo cliff is surrounded by a fence. Please don’t feel discouraged and open the gate at the entrance to the cliff. Make sure you close the gate on your way back.
IMPORTANT②: Once down at the beach please keep your distance from the cliff staying closer to the sea. It might be tempting to go into the shaded area under the cliff but there is a possibility of a rockfall so we advise you not to go near the shaded area.
In summer, Goryo cliff is ideal for watching the sunset. However, once the sun sets it gets dark really fast. Please watch your step on your way back.

Page link: https://ojikajima.jp/en/travel/see/11924.html
Distance: 15 minute cycle

4. Nokubi Beach

Located on the neighboring Nozaki Island, this 300-meter-long white-sand beach is a welcome respite after the morning trek around the uninhabited island.

You will find that the beach is right next to the former Nokubi church building, just down the slope from the accommodation/rest facility.

Nozaki Island is only 25 minutes away from Ojika by a local ferry. The mostly uninhabited island is home to hundreds of wild deer, roaming freely in ‘savannah’, a former church building, and an ancient shrine. In 2018, the Remains of Villages on Nozaki Island were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of 12 components of Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region.

Page link: https://ojikajima.jp/en/nozaki
Distance: 25 minutes by a local ferry

5. Akahama Red Coast

Lastly, we have Akahama Red Coast. This might be the most unique “beach” in Ojika Island. Visitors from all over Japan and the world are fascinated by its unique color.

The red cliff and gravel found on this coast derive their color from iron-rich minerals presenting a fascinating scenery that is distinctive to a volcanic island.

The sea at this beach might not be the beautiful turquoise color that you can find on other beaches in Ojika, yet, it’s as clear as anywhere else on the island.

Ojika town discourages visitors and locals from swimming at Akahama due to the electric wiring, that connects Ojika with the neighboring Goto Islands, passing under the ground at the Akahama Red Coast area. Therefore, we suggest you enjoy the views at Akahama Red Coast and go for a swim at the white sand Kakinohama beach.

Page link: https://ojikajima.jp/en/travel/see/11939.html
Distance: 10 minute cycle