Mar 31, 2021
Escape the crowds of sakura lovers

Even though Ojika Island is located off the coast of mainland Japan, the iconic ‘hanami’ culture is as strong here as anywhere else in the country. Visit Ojika in late March, and you will find many cherry blossom trees in bloom, with locals setting out picnics all around the island. To help you incorporate hanami into your island trip, we present 6 must-see spots throughout the island.

 1. Enmeiji Temple

The cherry blossoms here are truly breathtaking. The temple itself got closed down recently and visitors are not allowed inside. However, everyone is still welcome to enjoy its cherry trees.

2. Green Road

This cherry blossom tunnel can be found near the Akahama Red Coast. It leads to the airport (currently closed) and makes a beautiful addition to your walking/cycling route.

3. Amidaji Temple

Conveniently located in the central area Amidaji is a picturesque temple with a big sakura tree looming over its stone stairs. Take a break from your island adventures and have a seat in its shadow: just like a movie scene.

4. Chino-Kojima Shrine

Another great place for hanami is the 1300 years old Chino-Kojima shrine. Besides the beautiful cherry blossoms, this shrine also boasts an otherwordly sea view stretching behind the torii gates that act as a kind of magical portal.

5. Kuroshima Island

Conquer a flight of stairs leading up to the observation deck, and you will be rewarded with the sweeping views of the island as well as, of course, cherry blossoms.

Honorable Mention: Nozaki Island 

Nozaki Island belongs to Ojika town and is located 20 minutes away from Ojika Island on a local ferry. There, you can join a trekking tour to Okino-Kojima shrine: the twin shrine of Chino-Kojima. The shrine is located high up on a mountain overlooking Ojika Island and has an old cherry blossom tree growing on its premises. It feels amazing to have a break under this beauty after a long and challenging hike.

In Ojika Island, cherry blossoms begin to bloom around the last week of March. Our island can provide a much-needed escape from the crowds of sakura lovers. Here you can find your peace and quiet under a cherry blossom tree, with a charming warbler’s song perhaps being the only ‘distraction.’