One of the most beautiful beaches on Ojika Island
Hamazu, Ojika
A beautiful secluded beach with gentle turquoise waters. Here you can enjoy various marine sports, including snorkeling and paddleboarding. The beach has showers and toilets as well as a shaded area to hide from the sun (and hang a hammock which you can rent at the tourism office). There are no shops, however, so make sure to bring food and drinks with you.


-Please check 【ISLAND SUP (TANI MARINE SPORTS)】to learn more about marine sports you can do at the beach as well as various rentals available.
-Rent a bicycle to get to the beach. Bicycle rental is available at the Ojika Island Tourism office located inside the ferry terminal. Alternatively, you can use a taxi.
Perfect for snockering and paddleboarding here you can enjoy various marine sports too. The beach has some shaded space (where you can hang a hammock), showers and toilets. There are no shops or restaurants so make sure to bring some food and drinks with you.
Please visit Ojika Island Tourism for map and directions.