【IMPORTANT】Regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
2020.07.31 / News

Ojika Island has lifted all coronavirus-related restrictions on domestic travels starting July 21st.

Please note that Ojika Island has a population of only 2,353 (June’s data). Seniors make up half of its population. As such, Coronavirus has the potential to create devastating social and economic effects on our island.

All residents of Japan who are considering traveling to Ojika Island are asked to take the following measures to help prevent COVID-19 entering Ojika Island.

(2 weeks before your visit)
■Please follow thorough coronavirus infection prevention measures (e.g. wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and thoroughly).
■If you are feeling unwell, please refrain from traveling and consider postponing your travel.

(3 days before your visit)
■Ojika Island Tourism will get in touch with you to check for any symptoms.

(During your visit)
■Please make sure to wear a mask inside public spaces (e.g. ferry terminal, any local shops, when walking the streets). Visitors tend to remove the mask once they reach the island. Please note, however, that locals feel very uncomfortable when they see a visitor without a mask.
■Please visit Ojika Island Tourism upon arrival to receive a form to keep a record of your body temperature and any other symptoms during your stay on the island.
■In case you are not feeling well, please contact Ojika Island Tourism. We will help you book an appointment at a local medical center.

(After your visit)
■Please keep monitoring your body temperature and any other symptoms once back home.
■Ojika Island Tourism will get in touch with you 3 days after your visit to check for any symptoms.

Ojika Island Tourism team feels very regretful not being able to welcome as many visitors this year as we would like too. However, our priorities here in Ojika Island are to protect the health and safety of everyone on the island.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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