An Otherworldly Performance by Haruka Nakamura & Akira Uchida on Nozaki Island
2020.03.06 / NEWS

On November 9, 2019, Japanese composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Haruka Nakamura teamed up with Akira Uchida from studio baroque voice to put up a magical performance inside the former Nokubi Church on Nozaki Island: a practically uninhabited island which used to be home to Hidden Christians.

Check out the mesmerizing video below and get transported into the beautiful world of music, faith, and nature brought to us by the talented duo.
DATE: 2019-11-9 (Sat)
VENUE: (former) Nokubi Church, Nozaki Island
ARTIST: piano haruka nakamura
     Saxophone & Clavicord Akira Uchida

ORGANIZER: Hoteiza2019
CO-HOST: Ojika Island Tourism

Movie Directer : ITTA
Camera assistant:Daisuke Koga
Producer:Takao Ito

Contact: Hoteiza2019

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