Ojika Island Tourism are delighted to announce the launch of our English website!
2020.02.19 / NEWS

We are Ojika Island Tourismー a nonprofit organization, whose goal is to preserve the beautiful natural habitat of Ojika Island, the self-sufficient lifestyle of its people, and traditions that have sustained generations. We hope to achieve this through community-based, slow, and sustainable tourism.

We have the privilege to call this beautiful place our home, and its amazing community our family. Every day we are touched by the beauty of nature that is abundant on this island as well as by the kindness of the people who live here. Our sincere wish is that you, too, can experience the joy of living on Ojika Island.

An island that is full of beautiful nature and authentic Japanese heritageー sounds amazing, doesn’t it? We don’t want the concerns about the access, accommodation, and food stop you from going on a trip of a lifetime. Our team is here for you from the second you contact us and until you depart from Ojika (or even Japan).

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