Feb 18, 2020
Locally grown veggies from

Early birds have a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the island’s lively morning. Visit the main fishing port of Ojika Island to see fish of all sizes and colors being brought in by fishermen returning from the night’s sailing. After admiring the sea bounty head towards a funny looking building called Awabikan. Next to it, in front of a small wooden hut you will find a crowd of local ladies waiting for the doors to open. Welcome to the Aisai vegetable market. Here you can find an exciting variety of locally grown vegetables for as little as 100 yen! This can prove to be a very rewarding shopping experience for guests who are staying in one of Ojika’s folk housesーa glimpse into local life, fresh goodness from local fields for breakfast topped with lots of warm smiles from friendly and curious locals!

Aisai market is open every week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning.
The official opening time is at 7 AM, but eager locals begin to gather at around 6:40.
-I wonder if they have spinach today.
-I am here for cabbage…
Ladies are chatting excitedly waiting for the doors to open.

Everyone rushes inside the moment doors open.

Inside the basket, with vegetables, you will find a can to put coins in.
It’s a matter of minutes before most of vegetables disappear from the counter…
So don’t snooze!

Lively chatter and sound of coins fill up the room.
-Just look how gorgeous this spinach is!!!
-Long time no see Onechan (big sister in Japanese)!

All vegetables are freshly harvested from Ojika’s fields.
The market is open until 10 AM, but going later than 7 AM means you’ll find only empty counters.

AISAI VEGETABLE MARKET is located in front of Hamayu boat boarding point. Next to Awabikan.
OPEN Mon・Wed・Sat 7~10 AM