Japanese Folk Houses
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A tale of life well lived,
An old building narrates it
In a small island.
Nestled in the East China Sea,
An island of many charms.

Inside the vast volcanic landscape,
Among the farmlands and rice fields,
Tucked away in the back alleys.

A house is the sentinel,
Holding monument to old values.

Welcome to Ojika Island.
Let the houses here remind you
What it means to be young with an old soul.



For those who wish to slip back in time and discover the traditional charm of Japan, Ojika Island’s kominka rental is truly a wish come true. Stay in one of the century-old kominka (traditional Japanese house) soaking in the nostalgic atmosphere of times gone by while still having all the modern conveniences at your use. Needless to say, time moves slower here, perfect to savor every moment of the island’s tranquil day-to-day life. All of the kominka are unique and designed to be both homely but spacious with a modern twist. You can choose to stay in a former samurai residence that comes with its own garden, or a former fisherman’s house tucked in the narrow streets of an old fishing town. Whatever choice you make, we promise that your Japan experience will reach a whole new level once you enter through the doors of your very own kominka.


  • PRICE LIST (2024)


      April, May, June, July 1st-11th, September, October, November, December 20th-29th, March 2025
      ※PLAN B prices apply for the following dates: Golden Week (April 26th-May 5th), September 14th-15th, September 21st-22nd, October 12th-13th, November 2nd-3rd.
      ※Meals are not included in the price.
      ※All listed prices are excluding tax.
      ※The price in brackets is the total for the number of guests per night.
      1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4〜6 Guests
      ¥22,500¥14,000 (¥28,000)
      ¥12,500 (¥37,500)
      ¥24,500¥14,500 (¥29,000)¥13,500 (¥40,500)
      ¥19,500 (¥39,000)¥15,500 (¥46,500)¥13,500 (¥54,000~)


      Golden Week (April 26th-May 5th), July 12th-31st, August, September 14th-15th, September 21st-22nd, October 12th-13th, November 2nd-3rd. 
      ※Meals are not included in the price.
      ※All listed prices are excluding tax.
      ※The price in brackets is the total for the number of guests per night.
      (1 Guest)(2Guests)(3 Guests)(4〜6Guests)
      NICHIGETSUAN¥18,000 (¥36,000)
      SAKISHOJI¥16,500 (¥49,500)
      ICHIGOAN¥18,500 (¥37,000)¥17,500 (¥52,500)
      HOSHU¥23,500 (¥47,000)¥19,500 (¥58,500)¥17,500 (¥70,000~)


      December, January and February 2025
      ※Plan A prices apply for December 20th-29th
      ※Meals are not included in the price.
      ※All listed prices are excluding tax.
      ※The price in brackets is the total for the number of guests per night.
      1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4〜6 Guests
      NICHIGETSUAN¥20,500¥12,000 (¥24,000)
      SAKISHOJI¥10,500 (¥31,500)
      HOSHU¥19,500 (¥39,000)¥14,000 (¥42,000)¥12,000 (¥48,000~)
      ※Children under 6 years old can stay free when sharing a bed with parent(s).
      ※Please note that no extra linen/towels will be provided.
      ※Guests who are 6 years old and older are considered adults.

      【Consecutive Stay Discount】
      ※Applies only if you stay at the same kominka.

      \Plan A and C/
      Stay 2-3 nights and get 20% OFF
      Stay 4-5 nights and get 40% OFF
      Stay 6 or more nights and get 60% OFF

      \Plan B/
      Stay 2-3 nights and get 20% OFF
      Stay 4 or more nights and get 30% OFF

      【Early Check-In Service】

      We offer the early check-in service for guests arriving with ferry Taiko at 4:40 AM.
      Guests who choose to use this service will be escorted to their kominka as early as 4:40 AM.
      The Early Check-In Service applies a 9,000 yen fee (charged per person).
      ※The fee is 4,500 yen (charged per person) when you stay 4 or more nights.

      ※Only 2 or more guests can apply for this service.
      ※Only those guests who choose Plan A and C can apply for this service.
      ※The Early Check-In Service is not provided on Sundays and long weekends.
      ※The Early Check-In Service is available only in case the kominka of your choice is vacant the day before your desired reservation date.

Facilities & Amenities



Enjoy all of the modern conveniences inside of a 100-year old traditional Japanese house. Some of the features include air conditioning and floor heating system, fully equipped kitchen with an induction cooktop, aromatic cypress wood bathtub and eco-friendly botanical toiletries.


The following toiletries are provided at KOMINKA: shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, and hand soap. Please bring any other toiletries you may need, including toothbrush and toothpaste.

・Only one set of bed sheets will be provided for the duration of your stay.

・The laundry service is not provided. Please use the washing machine and detergent provided at kominka.

・Free Wi-Fi is available.


The ancient folk houses are an important cultural asset of Ojika Island.
The following rules were created to protect and preserve these folk houses.

・No fire on premises of kominka, including BBQ and fireworks
・No smoking inside the building
・No pets
・Please be careful when cooking: refrain from preparing food that produces a strong smell, or from using any cooking methods that might potentially cause damage to kominka, e.g., cleaning fish,deep-frying, etc.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please note that the Japanese folk house you will be staying in was built more than 100 years ago using natural materials such as wood, earth, and straw. As such the soundproof and insulation system is lacking compared to a modern building. Also, due to Ojika Island’s natural environment, especially in the summer season, you might encounter insects inside the house. We ask for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Check-In and Check-Out


Upon ArrivalOur staff will be waiting for you at the ferry/speed boat disembarkation point.
PaymentYou will be escorted to Ojika Island Tourism Office so you can complete your payment.
※Please note that we only accept cash. Thank you for your cooperation.

Check-In is at 2PM. Please feel free to leave your belongings at our office and explore Ojika Island until then.
Check-In2PMAt 2PM our staff will drive you to kominka. They will give you a quick tour around the house and explain some guidelines.

After the tour you will receive the key to your new home!
During Your StayPlease make yourself at home!
Check-Out11AMOur staff will drive you to the ferry terminal.
An Experience in itself


Staying in a century-old traditional Japanese house is a rich cultural experience in itself. Our folk houses are designed to make you feel both at home yet completely transported. To top off your experience take part in one of our programs for the ultimate local experience.

Taste the Island Life
Kominka’s kitchen comes equipped with all the modern amenities, allowing guests to prepare their own meals using the freshest, locally-produced ingredients. It is the perfect option for those who prefer eating in the relaxing atmosphere of their own home.

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Perfect for any Occasion
Whether it be some alone time and soul searching, one-on-one time with your partner, exciting outdoors with friends, or a family trip to cherish forever, we can help build your dream itinerary.

Choose Your Experience>>>

machiExplore Old Fishing Town
_DSC8536_207761Guided Tour
webkyokaiVisit Unesco World Heritage Site
Folk House Restaurant Fujimatsu


Indulge in Local Flavors

Fujimatsu is a restaurant built in the former residence of the Fujimatsu family — wealthy merchants who grew to prominence through whaling and sake distilling. One step into the stunning 170 years old building will transport you into the nostalgically sublime world of old Japan. You will be treated to multi-course dining featuring specially selected seasonal vegetables and fish from Ojika Island. Beautifully served and garnished — each dish is a work of art. In 2019 Fujimatsu was included in the MICHELIN Guide Fukuoka-Saga-Nagasaki 2019 Special Edition. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and reservations must be made at least one week in advance.

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f-04Artistic Presentation
f-07The Sublime Atmosphere


The restoration project of the folk houses on Ojika Island was directed by Mr. Alex Kerr, a renowned Japanologist and one of the leading figures in the field of cultural preservation in Japan. Mr. Kerr combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern comforts to ensure that the houses are passed on to the next generation. He also emphasizes the economic importance of kominka that support the local economy by bringing in income from tourism. Over the years, numerous individuals got involved in Mr. Kerr’s project sharing his dream of preserving the original beauty of Japan.

Message From Mr. Kerr >>>


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