A trip with a purpose,
A life with a meaning.
It’s a brand new day in a small island, set atop the East China Sea.

Far away from all the tourist attractions, with no luxury resorts and bland hotels in sight, where an immediate solution of a convenience store is nowhere to be found.

Travelers hop off the ferry at a local port to discover a whole new world of shimmering sea, tile-roofed Japanese houses, and a decided lack of travelers. Locals here live in harmony with nature: growing their own food which they trade and share with each other. Experience the local culture through their eyes, relearning the values long forgotten, discovering a new side of Japan and yourself. Be careful though, the locals’ love for their home is contagious, making it hard to leave.

Our dream is to help preserve the traditional culture and lifestyle found on Ojika Island, while at the same time energizing the local economy through tourism. Over the years, many people from all over Japan, as well as from within the island have shared our dream.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to visit our small island and help shape its future.