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Travel Just A Little More, Further Down The Path
Reach Oyake ー The Most Private Kominka in All of Ojika Island

Located in the peaceful Yanagi village, far away from hustle and bustle of the Fuefuki town, Oyake might be the most atmospheric kominka of all. The name Oyake 親家 is made up of Oya 親 character meaning “Parent”, and Ke 家, meaning “House”. A former samurai residence, one of the most prominent households in the area used to call Oyake their home. This beautiful kominka boasts large open spaces, separated by elegant sliding doors and a breathtaking garden, where Camellia and Hydrangea trees bloom in November and June, respectively. But the most fascinating part of the house is the attic that seems to be hiding some unspoken sectrets.

● Capacity: 6 Guests

  • PRICE LIST (2024)


      April, May, June, July 1st-11th, September, October, November, December 20th-29th, March 2025
      ※PLAN B prices apply for the following dates: Golden Week (April 26th-May 5th), September 14th-15th, September 21st-22nd, October 12th-13th, November 2nd-3rd.
      ※Meals are not included in the price.
      ※All listed prices are excluding tax.
      ※The price in brackets is the total for the number of guests per night.
      1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4〜6 Guests
      ¥22,500¥14,000 (¥28,000)
      ¥12,500 (¥37,500)
      ¥24,500¥14,500 (¥29,000)¥13,500 (¥40,500)
      ¥19,500 (¥39,000)¥15,500 (¥46,500)¥13,500 (¥54,000~)


      Golden Week (April 26th-May 5th), July 12th-31st, August, September 14th-15th, September 21st-22nd, October 12th-13th, November 2nd-3rd. 
      ※Meals are not included in the price.
      ※All listed prices are excluding tax.
      ※The price in brackets is the total for the number of guests per night.
      (1 Guest)(2Guests)(3 Guests)(4〜6Guests)
      NICHIGETSUAN¥18,000 (¥36,000)
      SAKISHOJI¥16,500 (¥49,500)
      ICHIGOAN¥18,500 (¥37,000)¥17,500 (¥52,500)
      HOSHU¥23,500 (¥47,000)¥19,500 (¥58,500)¥17,500 (¥70,000~)


      December, January and February 2025
      ※Plan A prices apply for December 20th-29th
      ※Meals are not included in the price.
      ※All listed prices are excluding tax.
      ※The price in brackets is the total for the number of guests per night.
      1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4〜6 Guests
      NICHIGETSUAN¥20,500¥12,000 (¥24,000)
      SAKISHOJI¥10,500 (¥31,500)
      HOSHU¥19,500 (¥39,000)¥14,000 (¥42,000)¥12,000 (¥48,000~)
      ※Children under 6 years old can stay free when sharing a bed with parent(s).
      ※Please note that no extra linen/towels will be provided.
      ※Guests who are 6 years old and older are considered adults.

      【Consecutive Stay Discount】
      ※Applies only if you stay at the same kominka.

      \Plan A and C/
      Stay 2-3 nights and get 20% OFF
      Stay 4-5 nights and get 40% OFF
      Stay 6 or more nights and get 60% OFF

      \Plan B/
      Stay 2-3 nights and get 20% OFF
      Stay 4 or more nights and get 30% OFF

      【Early Check-In Service】

      We offer the early check-in service for guests arriving with ferry Taiko at 4:40 AM.
      Guests who choose to use this service will be escorted to their kominka as early as 4:40 AM.
      The Early Check-In Service applies a 9,000 yen fee (charged per person).
      ※The fee is 4,500 yen (charged per person) when you stay 4 or more nights.

      ※Only 2 or more guests can apply for this service.
      ※Only those guests who choose Plan A and C can apply for this service.
      ※The Early Check-In Service is not provided on Sundays and long weekends.
      ※The Early Check-In Service is available only in case the kominka of your choice is vacant the day before your desired reservation date.


    • Do you wish to reserve OYAKE?
      Do you have any questions?

      TEL: 0959-56-2646
      (Open every day: 9:00~18:00 ※Except for 12/31 to 1/3)
      Ojika Island Ferry Terminal
      2791-13 Fuefuki-gō, Ojika-chō, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki-ken

Facilities & Amenities

b_c02d_photo03An Old Stone Wall Leading Up to Oyake
b_c02d_photo04Elegant Sliding Doors
b_c02d_photo07Lattice Doors and Windows
b_c02d_photo08Wooden Terrace Outside the Bathroom

Oyake is a large kominka that is perfect for friends and families traveling together. The spacious living and dining area has been refurbished with a modern twist, but once you step beyond the sliding doors, you will be met with an array of rooms where traditional Japanese design has been preserved in its authenticity. After you are finished exploring the first floor take the old staircase up to the attic, which is a childhood dream come true. Conveniently, Oyake has two state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures, one of which has a cypress bathtub.



Oyake is located in the northern part of Ojika Island, in a peaceful Yanagi village, surrounded by vast rice fields and cow pastures. It is also a 20-minute walk away from a breathtaking Kakinohama beach and majestic Goryo cliffs. An oasis built inside lush greenery, away from the hustle and bustle, Oyake might be just the kind of escape you need in your life!


・Our staff will escort you to Oyake from Ojika Island Ferry Terminal.

・After arriving at Oyake you will receive the key as well as a brief tour around the house.

・Guests staying in Oyake can rent a bicycle overnight. 1 night 2 days fee: Regular bicycle 2,000 yen; Electric bicycle 3,000 yen.

・Oyake is an important cultural asset of Ojika Island. Please be careful not to cause any damage around the premises of kominka.

Address Yanagi-go, Ojika Town, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki-ken
Area Floor Area: 170 sqm
Site Area: 1,445 sqm
Capacity 6 Guests


The following is provided:
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Hand Soap, Face Towel, Bath Towel, Hair Dryer, Roasted Green Tea, Mineral Water, Coffee, Coffee Milk, Sugar, Slippers, Insect Repellent (summer season only)

Please bring the following items:
Pajamas, Toothbrush, Shaver, Face Wash, Bath Sponge, etc.
※Laundry and cleaning services are not provided.

Facilities & Amenities
The old beauty of kominka has been preserved while adding the beloved modern comforts such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), high-quality linen, and state-of-the-art bathroom. Enjoy cooking in a fully-equipped modern kitchen with a large bathtub waiting for you at the end of the day.
Electric Appliance
Kitchen Induction cooktop, Refrigerator, Toaster, Microwave, Rice Cooker
Other Air-conditioner/Heater, TV, Blu-ray Player, Shower Room, Toilet, Washing Machine, Washing Detergent, Vacuum Cleaner
※DVDs are not provided.
Amenities & Other
Kitchen Utensils Plates, Cups, Glasses, Tea Pot, Chopsticks, Spoons, Forks, Knife, Cutting Board, Sieve, Mixing Bowl, Pot, Frying Pan, Tea Towel, Kitchen Cloth, Dishwashing liquid, Kitchen Sponge, Aluminium Foil, Food Wrap and more.

※In the refrigerator you will find soy sauce, cooking oil and vinegar, salt, sugar and black pepper.

Rental Yukata (casual kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric).