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We care about your privacy and do our best at protecting your personal information. When you use the services on this website you agree to the following conditions regarding your privacy. We collect, store and process personal information that you make available for us when accessing our website and services. Information is collected for example when you fill in forms or make a booking. Information is also gathered when you communicate with Ojika Island Tourism or share information with other members of the service.

What we collect from travellers

We may ask you to submit the following information about you and your travel companions:

• Name
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What we do with the information

When you make a booking, we use your personal information to complete and administer your
online booking. In case of homestay the following details will be forwarded to your service providers, i.e. Host Family:

• Name
• Gender
• Nationality
• Contact information including email address and phone number
• Date of birth
• Dietary requirements or allergies
• Medical condition

In addition, we may collect personal information for the following reasons:

• Internal record keeping
• Confirm your accommodation booking
• Provide various services such as reservation of accommodation and restaurant
• Conduct questionnaire survey related to our products and services
• We may use the information to improve our products and services
• Recognition and verification of user identity to create a safe and trusted environment and to
detect and prevent fraud and other harmful activity

We do not share your information with third parties other than the Host Family as well as governmental or investigative authorities if we are required by law to do so.

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Contacting us
In case of questions regarding our privacy policy you may contact us at Your opinion matters to us!


For all press enquiries, please fill out our contact form below.

Contact Form

For all press enquiries regading Nokubi church please contact the Board of Education of Ojika Town:


Our Service


We are Ojika Island Tourismー a nonprofit organization, whose goal is to preserve the beautiful natural habitat of Ojika Island, the self-sufficient lifestyle of its people, and traditions that have sustained generations. We hope to achieve this through community-based, slow, and sustainable tourism.


・Offer Travel Concierge Services
・Manage the Tourist Information Center
・Manage the Homestay Program
・Manage the Kominka Stay Program
・Manage Nozaki Nature Village
・Manage Nozaki Visitor Center
・Organize Outdoor Recreational Activities
・Organize Cultural Activities
・Organize Children Camps
・Organize Field Trips
・Manage Media Relations
・Participate in Town Planning and Community Development

Traveling to a remote island in Japan can be daunting. That is why our team is here to provide you with impeccable care before, during and after your trip. We will take the stress out of the holiday planning process, providing you with access information, making all the necessary reservations and creating an itinerary tailored around you. Once on the island, you will have our full support, so you will only need to relax and enjoy your time here.

Our office is located inside the ferry terminal. Here you can get all the necessary information about Ojika and Nozaki islands as well as rent a bicycle that comes together with a free cycling map!

Want to stay with a local family on Ojika Island? Contact us via or 0959-56-2646.

Stay in a Japanese folk house and experience a slice of traditional Japanese life. For a sublime dining experience book a dinner or lunch at the folk house restaurant FUJIMATSU. To make a reservation contact us via or 0959-56-2646.


From trekking along the historical routes in the primary forest on Nozaki Island to sea kayaking, standup paddleboarding and snorkeling in the turquoise waters of Ojika Island, the remote islands of Ojika abound in nature and outdoor recreational opportunities.


gaiyou-kodomoChildren Can Enjoy Camping in Nature
syu-jStudents Can Experience Life in the Countryside
okomori-bookOur Team Handles all the Media Relations

webS__4538374We Actively Participate in Town Planning and Community Development
Visitor centerNozaki Visitor Center
shimatabi-miru-gakujyuku1Nozaki Nature Village

Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile

Ojika Island Tourism is a social enterprise that uses tourism as a tool to battle some of the existing problems on Ojika Island.
The tourism projects managed by Ojika Island Tourism include travel concierge services, outdoor recreational activities, Kominka Stay Program, and Tourist Information Center.



-Etablished in 1996 (previously a part of the Commerce and Industry Association of Ojika Town)
-The Tourism Information Center established at the ferry terminal
-2 staff members hired
-80 members join the association
-22 million yen in management cost

-Receives a grant from the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1999
-Begins first activities as a part of a civil group supervised by IOE Outdoors Education Office of Kumamoto
-Hires a specialist to organize the first children camp Children Summer Kingdom (13 nights 14 days) in 2001
-25 million in management cost

-Receives the GTS,21 Town Development Grant in 2005
-Launches the Homestay Program
-7 local families registered as hosts


2006February, 2007 CERTIFIED NPO
2007-Begins operating as an NPO Corporation Ojika Island Tourism Association from April 2007
-Major Projects: Treasure Island and Island Life children camps, Homestay Program, PTP Project (a cultural exchange project where 180 USA high school students visited Ojika Island), outdoor recreational activities, Nozaki Nature village management, souvenir shop man
2009-Students from 5 high schools visit Ojika Island as a part of a project for children to experience countryside life
-Major Projects: Nozaki Nature Village and souvenir shop management, 4 field trips (from Kyoto, Osaka, Shizuoka, and Kanagawa)
-Folk house survey project receives a prefectural award
2010-Ojika Tourism Town Development Public Cooperation is established as a part of Ojika Island Tourism Group in January 2010
-Alex Kerr supervises the folk house renovation project with 4 houses (Oyake, Hoshu, Nichigetsu, Sakishoji) turned into the lodging facilities and 1 house into a restaurant (Folk House Restaurant Fujimatsu)
2011-Guesthouse KOJIROYAMA opened in September 2011
-Awarded the 9th Green Tourism Award in January 2011
2012-Folk houses Ichigoan and Ichiean begin operating as lodging facilities in June 2012
-Awarded the countryside development award (Kyushu area) in November 2012
2016-Ojika Tourism Town Development Public Cooperation is disbanded in March 2016
-All tourism and town development projects are managed by NPO Ojika Island Tourism Association from April 2016
RepresentativeChairman:Toshiyuki Maeda
Incorporation DateFebruary 16, 2007
Travel Agency LicenseRegistered Travel Agency of Nagasaki Prefecture Area NR 186
DateSeptember 1, 2016
ManagerSato Maaya
Address〒857-4701 2791-13 Fuefuki-gō, Ojika-chō, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki-ken


・「豊かなむらづくり全国表彰事業」Ministery of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award (Kyushu Area)
・The 7th All Right! Nippon Grand Prix Award
・The 4th JTB Cultural Exchange Award
・Mainichi Shinbun Green Tourism Award
・PTP (People to People) Award



An island that is full of beautiful nature and authentic Japanese heritageー sounds amazing, doesn’t it? We don’t want the concerns about the access, accommodation, and food stop you from going on a trip of a lifetime. Our team is here for you from the second you contact us to when you return back home.


Traveling to Japan, the most enigmatic country in the world, can be daunting in itself. Delving deeper into untouched territories that lie beyond Tokyo and Kyoto might require further courage and adventurous spirit. Let’s say you discovered Ojika Island and it looks like a dream come true. But then questions begin to pile up: How far is it? How do I get there? Is there a place to stay? Is it foreign-friendly?

We are here to answer all of your questions and help make your dream trip a reality!
Have a concrete question? Email us directly at or call us at 0959-56-2646.

Need help with deciding what kind of experience you are looking for?
Fill out the Contact Form and together we will create a holiday that perfectly fulfills your needs.


We are constantly looking for ways to make your itinerary as perfect as possible. Everything will be tailored to your exact needs and tastes, and our team is only a phone call away to arrange additional activitiesーeven after you arrive on Ojika Island.


Our office is located inside the ferry terminal, so once you get off the boat feel free to drop in and say Hi! Our office is open 6:30~18:00, but in case you feel that you need our assistance outside the above hours we are happy to provide you with emergency contacts.

Also, the community on Ojika Island is one big loving family. Here you will never feel alone and locals will be very eager to help and assist you with anything. The whole island has got your back, and Ojika might be the safest and the most welcoming place in the whole of Japan!

Contact Form

Our Goal
About us

Our Goal

We are Ojika Island Tourism: a nonprofit organization, whose goal is to preserve the beautiful natural habitat of Ojika Island, the self-sufficient lifestyle of its people, and traditions that have sustained generations. We hope to achieve this through community-based, slow, and sustainable tourism.

Sharing the Joy

We have the privilege to call this beautiful placeー our home, and its amazing community- our family. Every day we are touched by the beauty of nature that is abundant on this island as well as by the kindness of the people who live here. Our sincere wish is that you, too, can experience the joy of living on Ojika Island.

Fighting the Depopulation

Currently, around 2,400 people live on Ojika Island. Its aging population keeps decreasing by around 100 people every year. Young people leave the island after high-school to pursue higher education. Most of them cannot return to the island even if they wanted to due to the lack of jobs available here. Some say it’s just a matter of time until the island becomes uninhabited.

Ojika Island Tourism has set out on a mission to fight the depopulation. We help create jobs in the community, bring in income from tourism, and help energize the local economy.

Supporting Traditional Industries

Besides providing locals with new employment options, we find ways to support the island’s traditional industries of agriculture and fishery. The immersive travel programs that allow visitors to experience farming or fishing provide locals with extra personal income.

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism has historically had devastating effects on the environment, people and their cultural identities. Being aware of this, we are very careful about developing tourism on Ojika Island.

Here visitors will not find any resorts, tourist buses, signboards, and parking lots. We believe that the destination should be valued as it is and not as it is built for visitors.

On Ojika Island locals are involved in producing the service themselves, and every tourism-related decision is talked through with the community representatives. Naturally, tourism revenues are returned to Ojika’s community.

However, while the economic benefits of tourism are obviously important, our top priority will always be the preservation of the island’s cultural heritage.

The Future of Japan

While the bigger cities around Japan are standardized in the name of convenience and efficiency, the out-of-the-way places like Ojika are a real treasure trove of Japan’s cultural heritage. We hope that Ojika Island becomes an example of a rural community that is thriving in the modern world whilst having retained its distinctive landscape and culture.