The blue colors of the house were inspired by Ojika’s sea
小値賀 笛吹郷
Ojika's brand new open!!!

With its central location and modern cozy design that is reminiscent of Ojika's sea, this vacation rental is an exciting addition to the island's choice of accommodation for travelers.

A consecutive stay discount is available, making Ao No Ie a great choice for those staying more than one night.

A fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, and wifi are some of the amenities available.

The bedroom is a Japanese-style tatami room with Japanese-style futon mattresses. Alternatively, two sofa beds are available.
-Capacity: up to 5 guests
-Amenities: body soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, shaver, bath towel, face towel, shower, bathtub, air conditioner, hair drier, vacuum cleaner, kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, electric pot, washing machine, cooking utensils, tablewear, etc.
-Wifi is available
-10 minutes on foot from Ojika Ferry Terminal (in front of town hall)
-Please see the price table in the leaflet below
ADDRESS 〒857-4701 1763-1 Fuefuki-gō, Ojika-chō, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki-ken
〒857-4701 長崎県北松浦郡小値賀町笛吹郷1763-1
TEL 0959-56-2181
※or contact Ojika Island Tourism to make a reservation: or 0959-56-2646