The former home of the last resident on Nozaki Island
Nozaki Island
Former Residence of Shinto Priest
The house of Okino-Kojima Shrine's priest was originally built in 1896, restored in 2017. It has two unique architectural features: the main entrance for guests, separated from the family's, as seen in Bukeyashiki (samurai houses); a shrine away from the shrine, built next to the house to worship the deity from afar. Both features are unusual and illustrate the prominence of the priest's family on the island.
-May be closed should there be threats to the building's condition (e.g. bad weather).
-For safety reasons please contact Ojika Island Tourism prior to your visit to Nozaki Island.
You can contact us via 0959-56-2646 or
PHONE : 0959-56-2646 (Ojika Island Tourism)
HOURS : 9:00~14:30 (Closed on days when Hamayu is out of service)