Explore Ojika's downtown
Ojika Island
The downtown of Ojika Island is called Fuefuki. It is dotted with historical sights, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Get lost in its narrow streets, among the old houses, uncovering the island's secrets along the way.

We have created a map for our visitors to help them learn about the town's history as well as to make their shopping and dining experience more fun.
・We appreciate you behaving respectfully when visiting cultural and historical landmarks around the island.
・In case of a shop, cafe, or restaurant, please collect your stamp after making a purchase/placing your order.
・In case of a museum, please collect your stamp after paying the ¥100 entrance fee. ※Museum is closed on Mondays and the 25th of each month.
・Fuefuki town can be easy to get lost in. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Friendly locals will be happy to help you out with directions.
【Duration】On foot:1 hour

The map comes with a stamp card.

You can get them for free at the Ojika Island Tourism office located inside the ferry terminal.
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