Beach cleanup kit
Ojika Island
Our beach cleanup kit includes a bag handmade by locals using colorful flags that fishermen decorate their boats with, a garbage bag, gloves, an original postcard, and a leaflet.

Check out the following link to learn more about our CLEAN KIT: CLICK
Ojika Island has an amazing group of local volunteers called りっぱカンパニーズ★ (Rippa Kanpanizu) who gather once a month to cleanup one of the beaches.

You can check this month’s cleanup schedule on their facebook page . Feel free to join the cleanup together with Ojika Island Tourism staff. If you come to our office located at the ferry terminal we will drive you to the beach.

★May's Cleanup Schedule
May 30th (Sun) 13:30~

If you have any questions please contact Ojika Island Tourism via or tel.: 0959-56-2646.
Cleanup Level (Pollution Level)
★   Kakinohama Beach and Akahama Red Coast
★★  Funase Beach
★★★ Goryodaki Cliff
※Garbage needs to be carried up the rocks from the beach.
★★★★ Shirohama Beach
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