Local flavors
This yummy set includes marinated, locally caught amberjack sashimi, instant, flying fish-flavored soup with seaweed, and locally grown rice. A great breakfast option for those who love discovering local flavors.
・This set is offered to our kominka guests only and needs to be booked at least 3 days in advance.
・It can be eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner.
You can order your set via yoyaku@ojikajima.jp

PRICE (excluding tax):
One person: 900 YEN
Two people: 1,500 YEN
Three people: 2,100 YEN
Four people: 3,000 YEN
5 people: 3,600 YEN
6 people: 4,200 YEN

※We will store the set inside your kominka's fridge (fish inside the freezer). The sashimi tastes best if defrosted in the morning using cold water (shown in the photos above). It takes only 5 minutes!!