IMPORTANT NOTICE: Amazing Discount When Travelling to Ojika Island!
2023.05.21 / NEWS

Hello everyone!

This is Victoria from Ojika Island Tourism.

I have some great news for you!

Currently, there is a campaign taking place where you can get a coupon called WAKU WAKU. This coupon will allow you to get a 5,000 yen discount per person per night for your accommodation in Ojika.

The WAKU WAKU coupon can be purchased for 100 yen when reserving the RETURN ferry ticket. The ferry has to be THE SAME both ways. So in case, you are coming to Ojika with ferry Taiko you will have to go back with Taiko. And in case you are taking the ferry Inori, you must go back with Inori. The same applies to the jetfoil.

To get the WAKU WAKU coupon you have to reserve the ferry/jetfoil via phone…in Japanese. In case you cannot speak Japanese please email me at, and I will reserve the ferry for you. In your email please let me know your full name, the number of people, the dates you arrive and leave Ojika as well as the time and the ferry you are planning to take.
Please note that not all accommodation in Ojika is eligible for the above mentioned discount.

You can get the discount if you stay at the following accommodation:

Shima Yado Goen
Ojika no Oto

I will talk in more detail about the campaing and how you can get the discount via email.

Waiting for everyone in Ojika Island!

from Ojika Island Tourism Office