Vegetables to thank the fish

Is this kind of thing exchange a daily routine? If you get fish from a fisherman, the farmer delivers new rice at harvest. Bring it with you when you can return something that the other party will be happy with. In addition to bartering, there is no excuse. Don’t divide the gifts, but first divide the neighborhood and yourself. The islanders know the joy of sharing nature’s bounty, and the sense of balance that combines what you can do with your partner is also exquisite. In this way, everyone on the island may be fostering a heart and culture that care for each other through the exchange of goods and techniques.

Blessing of the sea
“Island” means that the sea is surrounded on all sides. Therefore, in Ojika, it is natural that freshly picked fish go up on the table. But there is no fish shop on the island. Because you can catch fish by yourself, you can get some fish, and you can get live fish just landed at the fishing port. When you visit the island, get up early and go to the morning port. Please take a peek at the island life surrounded by the sea from the blessings of the sea that is too fresh and the work of the island men who carry them.
Earth blessing
Even if you are not a farmer on the island, everyone has a field at home. A little for the family and the neighborhood. Raise enough to allow someone to come to the island.