[5 / 20-6 / 10 only] Let’s go to see fireflies! Firefly tour 2019
2019.05.06 / Event

Would you like to go on a journey to find fireflies?

Fireflies live on Ojikajima.
In the summer season, Chika and Chika on farm roads and mountains
It shines beautifully.


The fireflies that inhabit are Hime fireflies and Heike fireflies.
Each habitat and the way of light are different,
There is a different beauty.

On the night of the island, the darkness of jet black that is not disturbed by the streetlight.
Such a light dance that emerges in the darkness is fantastic.

In Oka or Island Tourism
Natural fireflies that shine quietly on a small island
We have a small tour that everyone wants to see.

While explaining fireflies that live in Ojiga
We will guide you through the firefly points in various places on the island.

After seeing the sunset, we went to Madarajima’s Sunset Road, which was connected to Ojikajima by a bridge.
We also have a plan with a sunset to go to see the fireflies.

You can also bring them after dinner at the old private restaurant Fujimatsu!

You can see fireflies for only a few weeks from late May.

Please meet the natural fireflies on the island at this time.

開催日 5月20日(月)〜6月10日(月)

20時〜21時 1500円(税別)

19時~21時 3000円(税別)