Nov 1, 2019
Farewells on Ojika Island are turned into a festival.
Spring Goodbyes on Ojika Island

Ojika Ferry Terminal is the busiest in March. This is the month of new beginnings in Japan. This is also the month of many farewells…

High-school graduates leave the island to begin their university studies or new jobs. Public office employees: teachers, fire-fighters and police officers get transferred for work.

Hundreds of islanders gather at the port to say goodbye to their teachers, coworkers and friends. While the atmosphere is festive with various performances taking place, not everyone can hold back their tears.

As for fire-fighters, the local female firefighting team puts up a trumpet performance to show gratitude to their comrades.

Local youth jumping into the sea is another tradition of Ojika Island.

The goodbyes don’t end at the terminal!
Some islanders even follow the ferry on their boat!

Farewells on Ojika Island are turned into a festival. You can feel the sincerity of islanders taking over your heart. Ojika Island- a place like no other.